Pup Scrub

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  • Organically Derived

    Made from organic oils with aloe and shea butter this mild formula is also free from artificial fragrances, colors, detergents, saulfates and GMOS.

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  • Our Story

    Our story began the Summer of 2013. With 4 young boys and limited Summer camp options we set out to make, market and sell a product, after much research, trial and error Pup Scrub was born. Our son Connor came up with the name and Devin worked hard at the farmers markets to drum up customers while our 2 youngest help man the table.

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  • Evolution

    Today we have evolved into three brick and mortar stores where Pup Scrub remains our featured product while being surrounded by a beautiful collection of clothes, jewelry and accessories. If you ever find yourself in middle Georgia please stop by and say "Hi!"

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Meet Jinx

We want only the best for our furry family so when we couldnt find something good enough we made it! Jinx is on the couch and in our bed and with Pup Scrub she stays clean and smells great.